Garbage container for solid waste (0.75 m3)

We offer metal garbage containers with a volume of 0.75 m3 for the collection and disposal of mixed solid household waste generated by the population, as well as for waste resulting from the production activities of enterprises.

We work: with local authorities (rural, township, city, district councils and street committees), legal entities or individuals, housing offices, public service buildings.

We deliver: in the city of Kharkov and the entire Kharkiv region, as well as in other settlements (regions of the country).


1. Bulk
750 l
2. Weight
80 kg
3. Metal thickness
2 mm
4. Drain holes
In stock
5. Width of a working cloth
Under the order
6. Coating
Primer / Enamel
7. Garbage truck
Side loading (MAZ KO-440, KAMAZ KO-440, GAZ KO-440, ZIL KO-440)
8. Lid
Under the order
9. Wheels
Under the order